From Jim Gearen, President, Gearen Holdings

I had the pleasure of working alongside Sara-ann at Zeller Realty Corporation for nearly 14 years. Having never worked on a team with a concierge before, I’ll admit I was a bit of a skeptic, but Sara-ann won me over in about 3 days. Her ability to deliver out-of-the-box solutions on sometimes ridiculously short timelines, bore fruit not only for our team, but more importantly, she came through again and again for our clients. Her local access is unparalleled, in addition her incredible world-wide reach as founder and chair of the National Concierge Association is second to none. I’ve seen her deliver impossible to find hotel rooms in central London during a British Airways strike. I’ve seen her plan and execute a surprise 40th birthday party on 48 hours’ notice for a delighted wife on behalf of her forgetful husband… I’ve seen her deliver dinner reservations at the hottest restaurants in New York for our tenant’s when their New York based hosts were unable to get them. The response from the New Yorker’s: “How the hell did you do that?” On short notice she pulled off private dining room reservations (with a direct outside entrance) for a meeting with foreign dignitaries in a European capital. She even tracked down the missing dog of one of our clients when he was out of town. If you need it done, Sara-ann is the person to call.

From Michael Wilhelm, Senior Vice President, CBRE.

“I’ve used Sara-ann’s services for many years. She has found me great seats to countless concerts and shows for me and my clients, planned and executed multiple broker parties, and taken great care of me and my family for out-of-town travel and hotels. She has always delivered spectacular service on-time and within budget. The stress she has saved me is priceless!!!”

Sara-ann Kasner, CNCA

Phone: 612-834-7295