The Story of Our Executive Team

Over 25 years ago, as a brand-new Concierge in the skyway lobby of what was then the Piper Jaffray Tower in downtown Minneapolis, I was handed the distinct pleasure of being one of the first-ever corporate Concierge in Minneapolis.

Although people were used to using Concierge services in a hotel, having a Concierge in an office tower and treating tenants like a guest in a fine hotel was unheard of in those days. Before long a buzz was happening about “the Concierge” in the tower. Busy business people found my services to be a convenient “one-stop” shop for everything from theater tickets to restaurant and hotel room reservations, and well, to just about anything they could want to do. I coordinated building tenant events, planned birthday parties, anniversary dinners and other special occasions. And despite the growing usefulness of the internet, people loved the personal touch of the Concierge services – a fact that is true today.

Through the years, Mike Leonard became a frequent client. Mike loved the theater and fine dining and most especially he loved sitting in the best seats in the house, having me make his dinner reservations and tell him about the latest trends in hospitality. Anyone who knows Mike knows he is a people person. He would stop at my desk often just to chat and we became client-friends. Mike boasts “I have sat in more amazing seats, and have gotten into more restaurants at the last minute through Sara-ann’s services than I ever dreamed possible. For years, I have impressed my clients and friends by using her services and I refer her to everyone I know.”

Of course, I have now moved on to having my own Concierge business and it seems a natural fit for me to have one of my most devoted clients as my business partner. I continue to offer a wide range of services and Mike adds a business acumen to our partnership that’s top notch. He still loves to talk and I still love being his Concierge.

Sara-ann Kasner, CNCA

Phone: 612-834-7295